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TOTAL Online Integration with Junxure® - Now in Open Beta!


Do you use Junxure and TOTAL Online?  Would you like to try our latest integration to import contact and investment information from Junxure? 

We are looking for customers to use the latest integration available for TOTAL Online, currently in open beta, and send us feedback.  The integration allows you to quickly and easily bring in account and investment holdings into TOTAL Online from Junxure's desktop edition.  Get a head start on using this integration to streamline your planning process. 

Simply visit moneytree.com/junxure for details on how to use the integration in open beta.

We really appreciate your time and willingness to be an early adopter of this latest integration to improve your planning process and we look forward to your feedback. 

P.S. Don't forget TOTAL Online customers can participate to win a free year of TOTAL Online to celebrate TOTAL Online's first year - ending this week! 

2015 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Announced by IRS


The IRS just announced the 2015 pension plan limits.  The cost-of-living index was high enough to cause adjustments for the 2015 tax year.  Review the official announcement from the IRS for more details: IRS Announces 2015 Pension Plan Limitations; Taxpayers May Contribute up to $18,000 to their 401(k) plans in 2015.  Highlights are shown below.  

Celebrating One Year of TOTAL Online - Win One Year!


One year ago, we launched TOTAL Online.  We are excited to reach this milestone, and look forward to many more to come.  Now, one year after its release, we are happy to find the planning community has embraced TOTAL Online.  TOTAL Online has attracted many newcomers to Money Tree and has been well received by longtime desktop edition customers due to its streamlined data entry, making it easier to learn and simplifying the planning process. 


Money Tree's Back to School Donations

Money Tree is proud to share we donated a hearty haul of new clothing and school supplies to help local children have a fresh start for the new school year. The clothing helped outfit 68 kids, ensuring they each had multiple pants, shirts, shoes and a coat to stay warm.  And we didn't stop there.  We filled 20 styling backpacks with required school supplies to help make going back to school fun and productive.  

We want to publicly share our thanks for our wonderful office manager, Terrie, who drove Money Tree's efforts, shopping for clothing and supplies, along with donating her time to benefit our community.  Terrie shared with us that shoes were really a big need and it was hard to see how quickly new, modern style shoes were depleted from the donation supply. If you have the chance and find a great deal on new children shoes, I am sure your local charitable programs would be thrilled recipients and Terrie would be honored to know her efforts inspired others. 

Illustrate a Capital Loss Carryforward in TOTAL Planning Suite - Golden Years


If your client's have a capital loss they are carrying forward, you can quickly enter the amount of the loss into TOTAL Planning Suite and Golden Years will first use any capital losses to offset capital gains, then allow the allowable $3,000 capital loss to be deducted against ordinary income per year, and lastly, carry any remaining capital loss forward. 

Attending FPA BE in Seattle this weekend? Come see us!

We are looking forward to FPA BE 2014 in Seattle, WA and are excited to share excited to share all the great features of our financial planning software with the FPA members attending this event. Please make sure to visit our booth to have a conversation, get answers to your questions, and see all of the great features of Money Tree’s financial planning software. Find us at booth #706, which is located near the exhibit hall entrance.

Summer Release of TOTAL Planning Suite - Available Now!


A new version of TOTAL Planning Suite is available!  This version includes three new features to improve your planning using Easy Money and Golden Years. 

Calculating Taxable Social Security Benefits - Not as Easy as 0%, 50%, 85%


It is typical for social security benefits to be 85% taxable, especially for clients with higher income sources in retirement, but the benefit subject to taxation can be lower.  In college, my tax accounting professor let us off easy by hinting we only needed to know social security benefits would be 0% taxable for clients with income under $25,000, 50% taxable for clients with income below $44,000 and 85% for clients with income above $44,000 for an upcoming exam.  While I appreciated not having to memorize the details of the calculation, I still have to remind myself that it is not as simple as 0%, 50%, or 85%.  

2014 In-Depth Training: Seattle Workshop - Friday, September 19th.

Workshop Seattle

Money Tree Software's Seattle in-depth training workshop is just a month away - Friday, September 19th.  New for 2014, the workshop will have a morning session dedicated to Silver Financial Planner and an afternoon session dedicated to TOTAL Planning Suite.  You can attend a single session or both for a full day of training on both Silver and TOTAL.  If you are attending the FPA BE, make the most of your trip by joining Money Tree's workshop. 

Easy Money Power Planner vs. Golden Years Cash Flow - TOTAL Planning Suite


TOTAL Planning Suite uses a single input platform and database to deliver two planning approaches with Easy Money Power Planner and Golden Years Cash Flow.  We have created a tutorial and video to clearly explain the fundamental differences between the two reports, and which method is the best fit based on your clients’ needs and planning objectives.  Easy Money and Golden Years both provide retirement planning, but use different planning methods and underlying assumptions. Easy Money uses a goal-based method, while Golden Years uses a cash flow method, and the following resources will explore exactly what that means and other important distinctions between the two planning approaches.

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